Affordable Housing Preservation

Equipping Latinos And Other DC And Baltimore Metro Area Residents With Skills And Financial Tools To Create A Better Future For Their Families And Communities

Affordable Housing Preservation

The fight for decent, affordable housing prevents the displacement of long-time residents and preserves the economic diversity of neighborhoods undergoing revitalization. Renters need support to understand how they can work together to take control of their housing and improve their quality of life.

Through popular education, technical assistance, community organizing, and advocacy, LEDC organizers work closely with residents to join their neighbors to keep their rental housing affordable. LEDC’s Affordable Housing Preservation Program works to preserve multi-family, rental and owner-occupied housing as affordable and prevent the displacement of renters and low- to moderate-income homeowners. 

In many cases, organizers help renters organize tenant associations to protect their legal rights as tenants, stop illegal rent increases, assist tenants in purchasing their apartment buildings, and improve poor housing conditions. LEDC also works with owners of affordable multifamily housing, usually cooperatives, to ensure ongoing sustainability. 

The program also actively helps residents to develop their leadership and organizing skills so that they can craft and lead campaigns to advocate for improved housing policies in the District of Columbia to achieve long-term affordability of their homes.

Since 2004, the program has successfully helped over 12,000 families maintain their affordable housing and prevent displacement.

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Affordable Rental Housing

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