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Know Your Rights Info

If you are a renter in the District of Columbia, you have a legal right to decent, affordable housing. When these rights are enforced, they can help you fight poor housing conditions and prevent your displacement from areas undergoing revitalization.

Watch this series of helpful tenant rights 101 videos to help you get started. Download here helpful "Know Your Rights" information to get informed.

Resources and Links

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Occupancy Rights and Responsibilities 2015-01-16 318.73 KB

The Eviction Process 2012-11-11 295.9 KB

Rent Control Fact Sheet 2012-11-11 371.74 KB

What is a Lease? (bilingual brochure) 2012-11-11 323.97 KB

Low Income Housing Tax-Credit Program (LIHTC) (English/Spanish) 2012-11-11 464.11 KB

La Oportunidad del Inquilino para Comprar 2015-01-16 96.85 KB

My Apartment is for Sale 2015-01-16 414.18 KB

Rental Co-Op Condo Comparison Handout 2015-01-16 332.41 KB

Tenant Opportunity Purchase Act-English 2015-01-16 124.29 KB

TOPA Tenant's Options Graph Bilingual 2015-01-16 207.23 KB

What is a Limited Equity Housing Cooperative-Bilingual 2015-01-16 599.61 KB

Tenant Rights 101 – What is Rent Control?

Tenants Rights 101: What to do with poor living conditions

Tenants Rights 101: How to get organized

Tenants Rights 101: How to buy your building

Success Story

  • Asserting their rights to preserve their affordable housing. Ciro and Andres' Turning Point. +

    Asserting their rights to preserve their affordable housing. Ciro and Andres' Turning Point. 96 Apartments Preserved as Affordable. Juniper Court Success! "Partnerships with private developers allow us to extend our reach in helping Leer más
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