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Here are some more tools and information for your financial fitness toolbox.


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Creditsmart Consumer Web-based Training Course

Report Financial Abuse and File a Complaint:

Have Financial Fun:

Name Fecha Tamaño del Archivo    
Financial Health Seminar 2014-05-27 203.93 KB
LEDC Plan de Accion Financiero (Spanish) 2013-04-02 98.5 KB
LEDC Plan de Ahorros (Spanish) 2013-04-02 288.5 KB
LEDC Presupuesto Mensual (Spanish) 2013-04-02 67.5 KB
LEDC Cartas De Quejas - Instrucciones y Cartas Ejemplares (Spanish) 2013-04-02 91.5 KB
LEDC Resumen de Credito (Spanish) 2013-04-02 339.18 KB
LEDC Savings Calculator 2013-04-02 79.5 KB
LEDC Monthly Budget 2013-04-02 63.5 KB
LEDC Savings Action Plan 2013-04-02 288 KB
How to Negotiate Debts & Collections 2013-04-02 96 KB
LEDC Dispute Letter Templates and Instructions 2013-04-02 101 KB
LEDC Credit Nutrition Bilingual Tip Sheet 2013-04-02 450 KB
LEDC Credit Assessment 2013-04-02 342.31 KB
LEDC Financial Action Plan 2012-11-11 90.18 KB
Official Credit Dispute Letters 2012-11-11 346.91 KB

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